Premiere: poolboy92 – Última II Promo Mix


poolboy92 (formerly Mohegan Son) hails from the Atlantic Coast, a region integral to the American club music lineage, but more often than not, you can find him on the informal nexus of internet based and bred producers, DJs and visual artists who prefer to obfuscate their personas in a neon-drenched morass of fragmented pop culture imagery, Windows aesthetics and spinning corporate regalia. It’s a facile world, but talent shines where it can and Ben Aqua‘s Austin-based #FEELINGS crew/label is an especially bright patch in the web-based landscape. poolboy92 is a card carrying #FEELINGS member and released his debut Lips EP through the outlet earlier this month, blending the off-kilter rhythms of funky and kuduro with a heavy helping of ballroom flourishes. Taking a kitchen sink approach, poolboy92 leaves little to the imagination, bringing lullaby-esque melodies and metal cutter rhythmic elements into the same steaming pot. The result is disorienting at times, but more often than not succeeds on a highly functional level, imparting a stupor-like effect on the listener.

This Friday in Brooklyn, he will celebrate the EP release alongside Sugar Shane, Leo Justi and more at Club Republic. While we’re unfortunately located 3,000 miles away from the festivities, we’ve been festooned with a short promo mix by the polychromatic producer. Seven minutes of hyper-speed rambling, twinkling synth work and bubbling energy should shine a little insight into what to expect come Friday. Download the mix below and hit the jump for the track list.

Última ii: Lips Release Party Intro

DJ Yirvin – Good Bye

Scooter Island – We Could Smoke (poolboy92’s Chrome Beach Workout)

Alvaro feat. Afro Boy’s – Dubbefris

poolboy92 – Lips (Supraman’s Cauldron Overflow Remix)

Krueger x Sugur Shane – Oh U Mad (DJ NJ Drone’s Lube Edit)

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