New Aerial – “Strut”


Los Angeles’ Private Selection crew has been making major moves in their native municipality as of late and are quickly entering the popular consciousness. Dreams, Arkitect and Aerial, the chimera that runs PS, has developed a sound that coalesces techno, electro and bits and flecks of Jersey club into a wintry stew of angular percussion and simple, hi-res synth work. With a little bit more schmaltz, it wouldn’t be difficult to view fellow Angeleno Egyptian Lover as a clear precedent (especially for Dreams), but PS certainly trends towards the frozen and austere, bringing to mind Drexciya instead. Aerial’s “Strut” is the latest track to emerge from the crew and sees the producer flex on a stomping club track that appears at once stunted and bubbling. It’s exactly the type of clean, linear aesthetic we’ve come to adore here at The Astral Plane and Private Selection is one of its premier proponents. Stream below and grab a free download of “Strut” courtesy of XLR8R.

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