ISLAND Presents Mixtape Ahead Of Debut Crazylegs EP


When Bok Bok spoke about the feel of the Night Slugs aesthetic and its relationship to architecture in an interview with FACT a few months ago, he seemed to pin point an attitude that has proliferated en masse in the club music community. Its an attitude and an aesthetic, a hyper-real structure that blends the natural with presupposed neoliberalism with breathtaking affect. It’s no surprise that graphic designer-producer hybrids have had some of the most resounding success in crafting the hyper-real. Welsh duo ISLAND have been making noise through their feverish Soundcloud oddities for several months now and have finally found a home for their incandescent productions on Bristol-based label/party Crazylegs. Like Crazylegs contemporary Gage and the Her Records fellows, ISLAND have taken the bare bones impact of classic grime and East Coast club music and melded it with their science fiction-derived grandiosity. On ISLAND Joints, a collection of originals, bootlegs, etc., the duo have grafted a polychromatic mixture of trance synths, plonking synth pop beats and ruthless club percussion into a dissociative, but highly enjoyable concoction. It’s hard to predict exactly which elements from ISLAND Joints will appear on the upcoming Crazylegs EP, or if the duo will even distill their sound at all, but their polyglot attitude is an exciting premise in the too-often-monochrome world of contemporary dance music.

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