Astral Plane Radio 004


After a lengthy hiatus and a few dozen scrapped drafts, Astral Plane Radio is back with a Heterotopia-heavy hour-plus of club-and-not-club-tunes. Initially, our DJ “team” believed this series to be an easy side track, a quick mix pounded out every other week or so. After spending hours and hours downloading MP3s, testing out mixes and recording unsatisfactory editions, we’ve gained a huge amount of respect for the deejays with weekly radio shows. Keeping it fresh, light and engrossing every once in a while takes time and preparation, but to do it on a weekly basis is an act of inhuman willpower we can only hope to attain. So this edition of Astral Plane Radio is out to the real radio deejays, the folks at Rinse, NTS, Berlin Community Radio, Radar, etc. keeping up so the rest of us don’t have to.

This edition will be track list-free for at least the first fee days. Many of the songs are recognizable, but some are from recent or upcoming releases from YamanekoTaskforce, Murlo, Rushmore & many others, songs, EPs and albums that deserve your attention in the singular sense. Furthermore, leaving the track list blank, especially with regards to the “track ID bro????” culture that Soundcloud has cultivated, can be fun at times, building anticipation in a manner that scanning a list of dubs just can’t do.

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