Premiere: Kid Smpl – “Loss Parameter”


With several EPs and a must listen debut LP out on Seattle’s Hush Hush Recordings imprint, Kid Smpl has established a singular sound based on snippets of garage,dubstep and jungle. Over time, the Seattle-based producer’s sound has grown from a whisper (Collapse) to a roar (Silo Tear), gaining confidence and a definitive spirit along the way. The next step for Kid Smpl is an EP on Los Angeles imprint Symbols, a label that has largely peddled releases from the post-dubstep swamp, but appears to be stepping out into more adventurous territories. “Loss Parameter” will appear on the Precinct EP, a torrid run through the aforementioned genres that seems to draw lines between the beatific R&B meanderings of Holy Other and the horror-inducing sounds of Demdike Stare. Precinct will be released through Symbols on February 10 and can be previewed here.

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