Outlook Festival 2015 Line-up Additions: Novelist, Oneman, Spooky, Mickey Pearce & More


We don’t usually cover music festivals due to the dearth of quality options in the United States and a general lack of enthusiasm for the form, but with long-term admiration fueling a prospective trip in mind, it’s a pleasure to feature Croatia’s crown jewel of Outlook Festival. Taking place in Pula, a peninsular town on the Aegean coast, Outlook features one of, if not the best, soundsystem-culture focused festival the world over, highlighting the best in dubstep, grime, dancehall, reggae, jungle, garage and much much more. This year’s festival will take place from September 2nd to 6th and features a wildly eclectic lineup with sub frequencies being the only shared trait to tie the whole thing together. It would be a Sisyphean task to try and run through every act we’re looking forward to at this point, but the latest line-up additions feature Novelist, Oneman, Spooky, Mickey Pearce, Compa, Fracture, Flava D, Elijah & Skilliam, The Bug, Chunky and many more. That’s on top of heavy hitters like Boy Better Know, Wiley, Shy FX, Digital Mystikz, Goldie and, well, I could exhaust the afternoon going on like this. Hit the jump to catch a Jpeg of the whole bill and we hope to see you in Pula come September.


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