Premiere: Roller Truck – WIDI (Galtier ‘Drum Effort’ Remix)


As Montreal-based label Infinite Machine has expanded its roster over the past few years, its scope has also expanded, each new release offering a unique perspective, all under the umbrella of a singular operation. Their latest release comes from Moscow-based producer Roller Truck and is one of the most bare bones, club-focused EPs the label has released to date, as much in the vein of their partner label Tessier-Ashpool as it is past IM releases. Strictly percussive techno, frozen electro and Club Constructions-esque machinations are the common parlance on Roller Truck Sounds Vol. 1 and like the EP title, the tracks come almost unadorned of bells and whistles. With only a single remix across seven tracks, Vol. 1 gives Roller Truck plenty of room to shine, although Galtier‘s ‘Drum Effort’ is a certain highlight. Stripping down “WIDI” into its kick, snare, hi hat essentials, the Australian producer flexes out a paranoia-filled night over six minutes that are sure to exhaust every limb. Check out previews of the whole EP here.

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