Premiere: Galtier – ‘Atmospheric Reconstructs I’


Conceived of while trapped in a tiny cabin in the heart of Iceland, Australian producer Galtier‘s Atmospheric Reconstructs series is aimed at reconstituting abstract, blizzard-like (inducing?) tracks for the club. Volume one, as well as the concept behind the series which Galtier hopes to continue, was inspired by the work of Hessle Audio artist’s Pearson Sound and Bruce, particularly dire, machinic tunes like the former’s “Gristle” and the latter’s “Trip”. Considering how cacophonous the percussive side of club music has become in recent years, it comes as no surprise that a project like this could come out of fierce weather in a remote location and Galtier’s reworks, while flexed out into slightly more linear club form, retain the pressurized emotion of Pearson Sound and Bruce’s originals. Grab Bruce’s “Trip” from HES027 here and Pearson Sound’s self-titled LP here. And be sure to check out the rest of Galtier’s catalogue including releases on Apothecary Compositions and Files Rec., as well as a number of excellent remixes, bootlegs and compilation tracks.

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