Premiere: Bangkok Snobiety – Help

bangkok snobiety

Columbus, Ohio’s Apothecary Compositions outlet has never had a singular focus, often switching between beat-based abstractions, dancefloor burners and R&B oddities in the span of a few releases. Lisbon duo Bangkok Snobiety also prefer not to be pigeonholed, pushing a sound loosely based in techno, but drawing from a multitude of other areas of well. Next week (7/24), Bangkok Snobiety will release their debut To The New Era LP on Apothecary, an eight track sojourn through oversized kick drums, haunting vocal snippets blaring industrial noise. While rarely fun in a breezy sense, To The New Era has a number of sneaky dancefloor numbers, “Help” being our favorite of the bundle. With an atmosphere that can lightly be described as uneasy, “Help” is one of several four-on-the-floor stompers on the LP, matching the huge, dusty kicks with equally dusty piano and an only slightly disturbing cry for help. Pre-order To The New Era here and look out for the full tape next Tuesday!

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