Premiere: DJ Delish – Back To The Bump (w/ Q&A)


A key member of the Philadelphia-centered PUMPDABEAT crew, DJ Delish has established himself as one of the most exciting ballroom producers and DJs around, garnering attention from a wide spread of artists, DJs and curators from inside and outside of the ballroom community. Most recently, Delish has been trading tracks with Rabit, whose forthcoming Communion LP is as standout as debuts come, and will be appearing on the Houston-based artist’s Halcyon Veil label. To celebrate, we’ve got the call-and-response ready “Back To The Bump”, from the HeatbeatZ mixtape, for you today, as well as a little Q&A/introduction to Delish’s background and the wildly talented PUMPDABEAT crew. If you’re familiar with Delish’s work with Kevin Jz Prodigy and tracks like “Piano Rage”, you know he’s got next and his introduction into the rapidly progressing Halcyon Veil team is more than welcome. Check out “Back To The Bump” below and hit the jump for our Q&A session with Delish.

Introduce yourself! When did you start playing DJing, playing balls, etc.?

My name is DJ DeLish, from Philadelphia, PA. I started DJn balls and other events around April of 2012.  My first gig was Easter Day in this place called “The Goal Post” in Richmond, Virginia.

Your tracks have a really sharp, angular feel to them that is quite refreshing. Who do you look to for production inspiration both within and outside of the ballroom world?

Thank you for that. Inside of ballroom, my inspiration inside of ballroom comes from my team mates. Constantly hearing how far left they can go makes me want to be even more different than I already am. That drives me to think further outside the box. Besides them, I also grab inspiration from all of the people I listened to before I began making beats, like VJtheDJ, MikeQ, Vjuan Allure, AngelX. 

Outside of ballroom, I listen to just about everything and every person that’s in my playlist has energized my work in some way or another. Missy Elliott and Timbaland are definitely the main driving forces  behind my creations. They’ve taught me to not only be difference be blissful in your difference; it’s yours, own it.

We’re also big fans of Capital K’AOS, DJ Spider and the rest of PUMPDABEAT. How did the crew come together and do you see yourselves putting out “formal” releases in the future?

Well before I came along, the group had already come together. We already had Kevin JZ, Jukeboxx the Beatboxx, Thumbelina, Lady Sasa, Trizz, DJ Dior Cartel, Baby Ruckus, DJ KamronD and Legendary DJ Paulie Paul. I think the crew started expanding when I moved back to Delaware from Richmond, VA and began to socialize with VJTheDJ. I had been listening to his beats for quite some time and was always intrigued by the way his mind worked. I ended up meeting him in December of 2012 and from that point on, we began to recruit other members outside of our Philadelphia “chapter” (if you will). Soon after I came along, so did Siir Eddie, Capitol K’aos (NY), CiCi Lewinsky (NJ), DJ Spider (CA) and Maria Dark (NY). We’ve actually been putting together a compilation CD with a track from each of us. 

What’s the backstory of your work with Rabit and your forthcoming material on his Halcyon Veil label?

Rabit approached me and told me that he really liked my stuff and let me listen to his and I was instantly interested. His style is very distinctive and I’m always attracted to individuals who are solid in their being; themselves through and through, never changing. I plan on doing what he’s done, continuing to remain particular and giving who ever presses play the ear orgasm of a lifetime.


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