Premiere: Kastle – Jasmine


Developed around a hypothetical not-so-distant future world, Symbols boss Kastle‘s forthcoming Polytopia EP is his conceptually engaging and sonically extravagant release to date, eschewing the form-based bonds that tend to define and constrict most dance music. Across six songs, the Los Angeles-residing producer works through tempo and genre with ease, expanding on the pitched down vocal work of his past releases and strutting a sound that prides its kinks and distortions instead of half-assedly burying them. We’ve got “Jasmine” for you today, one of the only tracks on Polytopia that functions sans vocals and a relatively party-amicable track in a record full of dense, emotionally-wrenching work. Sitting a comfortable 140, “Jasmine” pulses and reacts to its symphonic major melody, contorting blown out kicks below rubbery noises and what comes across as some sort of alien hydraulic system. Polytopia is out September 18 through Symbols and can be pre-ordered here.

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