Premiere: Rushmore – H-O-T


Hitting at the crossroads of rap, footwork, electro and more, Rushmore is finishing off the Trax Couture World Series in style with Vol. 12, an eight rack effort stacked with low slung club weapons. Whereas most of the World Series has come in fast, hard and mechanical, Rushmore’s final entry into the series he has expertly curated takes the tempo down a bit, recalling everything from hyphy and g-funk to footwork and electro. If you’ve been lucky enough to attend the perpetually hyped House of Trax parties Rushmore throws in London, you’ll probably be familiar with these sounds, if not the tracks from Vol. 12 in particular, and its clear that Rushmore has been learning from the best as he distills these classic dance sounds into his own, ever-growing repertoire. Be sure to grab World Series Vol. 12 from the Trax Couture store on November 2.

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