Premiere: Gultskra Artikler – ECO LAN EP


One of Russian artist Alexey Devyanin’s oldest pseudonyms, the Gultskra Artikler project sees its latest release out next Monday (12/14) on Devyanin’s newly dubbed Terminal Dream label. Dubbed ECO LAN, the new release “explores the ecological aesthetics of the internet and computers, playing with notification sounds, nature voices and lofi arpeggios,” the result a sort of retro-futurist ambient melange, distilled into four analgesic tracks. For the unfamiliar, Devyanin’s most popular project to date is Pixelord, the more beats and bass focused of his works, and he’s also worked as Computer Graphics and Hucky O’Bare in the past. Dating back to 2003, Gultskra Artikler has always been an outlet for Devyanin’s more bizarre creations, mostly traversing the ambient and drone realm, but rarely conforming to the prevailing contemporary trends in those genres. ECO LAN is the sound of green washed computer light, late night television and degraded microchips, a pleasing, albeit slightly unnerving, scape of warm “organic” drones and percolating blips, building the computerized ecology out of its most overlooked sounds. Pre-order ECO LAN on cassette or digital here.

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