SHALT’s ‘Acheron’ EP Out Now!

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If you’ve listened to SHALT’s Astral Plane mix or his recent, more dancefloor-oriented mix for Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel show on NTS Radio, you’ll have caught on to just how acute SHALT’s ear is. Whether he’s bringing in dancefloor smashers from contemporaries or isolating the sheer physicality of more abstract works, every bit of the process is deeply considered from a thorough spatial perspective. Today marks the release of the Acheron EP, a work that functions as both a fully formed narrative and a vessel for a discussion surrounding artificial life extension and its potential consequences. Interviews with FACT and THUMP offer insight into the project, but the best way to experience Acheron is to listen in an isolated setting and while it’s too much to demand uninhibited attention in the contemporary media landscape we can assure you that this extended player is best heard in focus.

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