Premiere: Kid Smpl – Barrier (SHALT Remix)

12242946_10153100152706890_1202519591_o (1)

Over the past few years, Kid Smpl has asserted himself at the emotive fringe of contemporary club music with two EP releases on Symbols functioning as individual mission statements. Now, the Precinct and Response/Ascend EPs are getting the remix treatment with Utah?, Eaves, y y y and Astral Plane Recordings releasee SHALT providing revamped versions of Smpl’s originals tracks. We’ve got SHALT’s take on Precinct highlight “Barrier” on premiere today, a larger-than-life effort that shows off the Lausanne-based artist’s penchant for grittily beatific synth work and crunchy, overdriven drums. It’s exactly the sort of hi-tech physicality we’ve come to expect from both SHALT and Kid Smpl, two artists who are leading a trend towards more abstract, non-linear club forms and don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Stream SHALT’s remix below and hit the jump to preview snippets of the full remix volume, which is out March 25.

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