Malin Mix For The Astral Plane


Stockholm’s Evolver parties have emerged as a key node in the constellation of on-the-cusp parties in Europe, offering up an uncompromising, futurist approach to the club night format that seems to always fall on the maximalist side of the scale. Evolver is thrown and curated by Malin, Tariq and IINATTI and with a burgeoning mix series (Kablam started it off) and an ever-growing list of guests (Nidia Minaj, Why Be, Toxe, etc.), the self-styled cyborg missionaries seem to be carving out a unique space in Stockholm. Malin in particular has impressed with her mix work, turning out a string of volumes for Truants’ FOTN, Sister and Tobago Tracks that have been on constant repeat since release and provoke a sense of wonder in their handle over the more noisy, non-linear end of dance/not-dance spectrum comprised of everything from Brood Ma and Amnesia Scanner to Angel-Ho and SCRAAATCH.

Malin’s mixes are impeccably organized and seem to have more surprises (even while staring at the track list) than almost any other DJ we’ve come across (we included her in our “10 Club Producers To Watch” feature for FACT on the merit of her mixes), full of the sort of left turns that every selector aspires to, but only a few can truly handle with taste and genuine wit. Her Astral Plane mix takes the aesthetic established on the aforementioned mixes and turns it up to 100, ramping up the tempos and throwing in a helping of hard techno and eurotrance to the pot. Where others might come across cloying, Malin’s work makes big room trance and harsh noise sound comfortable together, bringing out the coy intricacies in both while disengaging from the commercial nature of the former and oft-harmful exclusivity of the latter. It’s had us fucked up since first listening and, while we’re biased, might be her best, most out of pocket mix yet. Hit the jump for a full track list and be sure to hit up Evolver if you get a chance!

Basic House – Dandellyon
The Haxan Cloak – The Growing
BOYHAZZ – Stair Chase
Tragida – The Milky Land
Basic House – B.G Feathers
Fragma & Coco Star – Toca’s Miracle (Bioweapon Remix)
SHXCXCHCXSH – Rudimental Retreat
Amnesia Scanner – Haze
Organ Tapes – Window (Dik)
Alva Noto – Uni Rec
Metrist – Cowlick
Bergsonist – Pray M1
Ian Van Dahl Ft. Marsha – Castles In The Sky
Dj Lostboi – Forever Fallen
Alva Noto – Meta Phaser
GROVESTREET – Master Blade (unreleased)
Gridbug – Return To Stream
KEISKA – Powerpoint 2

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