Premiere: Karmelloz – ‘Returning / Series’


Karmelloz is no stranger to self-releasing music, having released a host of singles, edits and one-offs through is own channels over the past few years, and while official releases for the likes of 1080p and Purr Tapes have bolstered his name among certain crowds, his DIY credentials are as strong as anyones. So when a label he was working with dawdled on getting his next release out, the Portland-based artist decided to take it into his own hands and the result is Returning / Series. Functioning as an a/b single with remixes from Los Angeles’ D/P/I and Vancouver’s Matt Tecson, Karmelloz shows off a more subdued side to his production oeuvre, full of analgesic melodies, dusty drum programming and a good deal of strange vocal ephemera.

As the song titles suggest, the a and b sides have a strong dichotomy as “Returning a Different Person” gives off a hopeful, sunny disposition while “Series of Seizures” is all anxiety, an acid-tinged paranoiac number with an inside the machine feel. D/P/I and Tecson’s remixes offer wildly different takes on the originals as well, the former a shapeshifting effort that transforms from a mysterious drone into an off-kilter IDM burnout and the latter a beefed-up four-to-the-floor number emphasizing the track’s retrofuturist synth work and adding adding a nice dash of polyrhythm to the mix. The two originals from Returing / Series can be streamed below and the release can be bought here or after the jump.

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