Betty Mix For The Astral Plane


Photo de Hélène Feuillebois

If you’ve flipped on Boiler Room, Overdrive Infinity, Rinse France or Radar Radio over the past few months and heard the tinny call outs of 1990 pseudo-hit “Do The Bartman” airing through, you can be pretty damn sure that Betty is behind the decks. A recent calling card of the Parisian DJ, the Michael Jackson-assisted track is hard to take seriously, but when matched with serious tracks by the likes of DJ Marfox, Loom and Nkisi, it’s caricaturish dimensions take on a lighter hue and tend to make the mix experience far less predictable. Betty is the driving force behind Paris’ Bonus Stage parties and a member of the House of Mizrahi, as well as a regular on the aforementioned Rinse France, engagements that have led to an international audience and an integral roll in several overlapping Paris scenes, smashing together the classic, the excitingly new and the hilariously out-of-sync across a number of venues.

With “Do The Bartman” representing one of the end of the spectrum of Betty’s mixing sensibility, she has championed everything from French rapper MHD to Tobago Tracks’ UK funky provocateur Zini and on to Crazylegs’ increasingly hard to pin down Gage. These artists can be found throughout Betty’s mixes, as well as at her, by all accounts incredible, Bonus Stage parties, positioned in a manner you’d never expect to work, but succeeding consistently with flying colors. Betty has a flair for mixing percussive and melodic sounds in extended blends that almost supersede the original intent of the songs and on her Astral Plane mix, the opening minutes see and almost reckless smashing together of MHD’s “Afro Trap Part.4 (Fais le mouv)”, Roska’s “Blame The Speakers” and SHALT’s “Acheron”, three wildly different efforts that undeniably cohere under Betty’s touch. When rounding up Betty’s work over the past few years, it’s easy to point to left-field inclusions like “Do The Bartman”, but it’s her legwork as a genuine advocate of radical Parisian artists nightlife that has led to her current position as one of the most influential club music DJs in Europe.

MHD – Afro Trap Part.4 (Fais le mouv)
Roska – Blame The Speakers
SHALT – Acheron
NKC – Salon Room
DJ Marfox – B18
TSVI & Lorenzo Bitw – Drag Queen
Wen – Switch
Untold – Cool Story Bro
Lloyd SB – Future Bootlegz
Martel Ferdan – Weir Skimmer (VIP)
Lokane – Bomba
Spurz – Commencement
Nkisi – Collective Self Defense
Wamdue Project – King Of My Castle (Tarquin remix)
DJ Q – Sonic
Champion – Speed (Holloway edit)
Loom – Burnt Glass
Van Ness – Mindreader

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