Premiere: JX Cannon – Tanked


Comprised of JX Cannon, Stress and Plebian, New York label/party Sweat Equity has slowly insinuated itself as an important voice in the East Coast club music circuit, bringing out the likes of DJ Delish, Leonce, Miss Modular and Sudanim to their Club Austerity parties and releasing tracks from crew members, as well as Ali Berger and Cole. Balancing a range of floor-focused ballroom, ghetto house, Jersey, Bmore, Philly club and other drum-heavy dance forms, the crew has created a space for themselves in an increasingly crowded club space, diversifying outside of the Sweat Equity confines and continuing to bolster their credentials. For his part, Cannon will arrive on brand new Loveless Records sub-label Materia next month, a venture intended to step away from the Brooklyn outfit’s house and techno foundation. The Tanked EP is an a/b single in the Dat Oven “Jet Set” mold, two bassline-forward four-on-the-floor cuts accompanied by intriguing remixes from Byrell the Great and DJ Haram. We’ve got “Tanked” on premiere today, a big room ready effort accentuated by blaring horns, French vocal refrains and a ringing telephone. The result is hectic, almost like being in a club, and the track’s insatiable energy is sure to carry many late night parties over the coming months. Tanked is out exclusively through the Loveless Bandcamp on July 8 and everywhere on July 15.

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