The Astral Plane on NTS LA w/ LOFT – 11/25


We headed up to Highland Park this past Friday for our debut show on the brand new NTS LA station, bringing along an absolutely mad LOFT guest mix and a USB full of our favorite synth, weightless, ambient, noise and beatless music. It was a pleasure to use the new studio for the first time and we got a chance to run through favorites from DJ Lostboi, Dedekind Cut, CLU, Yves Tumor, JG Biberkopf, 0comeups, SKY H1, Sharp Veins, Abyss X and more. We also rinsed a few off of SHALT’s new Inertia EP, out the some day on Astral Plane Recordings (available here). Meanwhile, LOFT’s guest mix is an all-original affair, offering rebooted version of tracks from his Turbulent Dynamics EP (available here) before descending into stuttering, clattering breakbeat insanity. Both Inertia and Turbulent Dynamics exist entirely on their own wave and were a pleasure to bring from conception to release. Hit the jump for a full track list. We’ll be back on NTS LA on December 23.

Astral Plane DJ Team 0:00 – 1:00
SHALT – Still Primal
DJ Lostboi – +33006
Dedekind Cut – Integra
CLU – Trance Lament
Why Be, SKY H1, Elysia Crampton – Credits
2814 – Guided By Love
Abyss X – Thru Lids
waterhouse – Empty Room
Yves Tumor – Broke In (ft. Oxhy)
SHALT – Ouroboric
v1984 – zendaya skizzetch
Eaves – Linthen Heap
JG Biberkopf – Transfiguration II: Amplification
Mechatok – Linked
Loom – Kate (Weightless Remix)
0comeups – Try To Levitate Above It All
SKY H1 – Night/Fall/Dream

LOFT Guest Mix 1:00 – 1:40

Astral Plane DJ Team 1:40 – 2:00
Sharp Veins – Already Bones
Sega Bodega – Sun Loop (Angel Mix)
Lady Saw – Freestyle (Alex Compton Remix)
Letta – Exit (ft. Mr. Mitch)
Abyss X – Tacit
Embaci – Girl in a Rut (prod. Dedekind Cut)

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