The Astral Plane on NTS LA – 2/17


Astral Plane DJ Team took over our February NTS show last Friday in the midst of a massive storm. The stream cut out halfway through and Highland Park’s power grid had failed by the end of the show, but we made it through. Left a live mic and a some effects on as well. Forthcoming material from Chants, Nunu, LOFT and E.M.M.A. inside, as well as favorites from LXV & Karmelloz, Celyn June, Egyptrixx, Nargiz, Sami Baha, Capital Kaos, 2lanes, Why Be, Citizen Boy, Errorsmith & Mark Fell, coucou chloe, Xuxu Santamaria and more. Chants’ Amethyst Dust, the Madison-based producer’s second EP for APR, is our March 3.

Nunu – Scum
Kate Bush – Strange Phenomena
LXV & Karmelloz – Guitar Store
Organ Tapes – Tape Bandit (Prince Bopp x Radiohead/Phaseone)
Celyn June – Teeth, Like Perfume / Market
Emptyset – Sight
Kid Smpl – Deity Capsule
Letta – Locked Up (Acre Remix)
Keiska – Ultra Nate vs Fatima Al Qadiri
Egyptrixx – Pure, Beyond Reproach
LOFT – A Salaam Male Genie
Nargiz – ooW No More
Tension – Xylem
Sega Bodega – NSFW
GILA x Naomi Allen – Don’t Chirp (MICHAELBRAILEY ‘Take Me’ Edit)
E.M.M.A. – Glacé
AMAZONDOTCOM – Tiny Shrimps Dream
2lanes – Donation Match
Missy Elliot – I’m Better (Air Max ’97 Retread)
Cadenza – No Drama (Sami Baha Remix)
PARTYNEXTDOOR – Not Nice (Capital Kaos Remix)
Why Be – Heroin Hat (Mistress Remix)
Neana on the Trak – Push Up
Schwarz – Take A Picture (ft. Blaqstarr, Berko Lover, Greydolf)
Errorsmith & Mark Fell – Cuica Digitales
Citizen Boy – Tribute to DSB
Akito – Carry On Comedown
coucou chloe – doom
Soda Plains – She Has All Kinds Of Temperatures (Ausschuss Remix)
Chants – Crushed Lollilpop VIP
LOFT – I Am Bouyant
Chants – Amethyst Dust
Elijah – Alert
Shapednoise x Visionist – Intruder Shape (Nunu Blend)
Xuxu Santamaria – La Red
Liquid City Motors – Current Source

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