The Astral Plane on NTS w/ Thoom – 5/12

This Friday (5/19), the Astral Plane DJ Team is heading to Milwaukee to play Precognition, thrown by our good friends Close Up of the Serene. We’ve been looking to collaborate with Close Up on something concrete for a good while now and the opportunity to head out to their Midwest home base was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Thoom and Itsï, out of Chicago, round out the lineup and we’re beyond excited to hear what kind of demonic frequencies they have planned for Friday night. Check out their collaborative track “Abyzou” and Thoom’s recent “Asthmatic”, which was featured in our latest For Club Use Only feature in FACT. In anticipation of Friday, we grabbed a guest mix from Thoom for our NTS show, which went down at the usual Highland Park last Friday. The Astral Plane DJ Team’s section also includes brand new Chants, E.M.M.A., Acre and SHALT, all forthcoming on Astral Plane Recordings. Download the full session here and catch a full track list after the jump.

LOFT – Zissou (Chants Remix)
E.M.M.A. – Magna Kanye
LOFT – I Am Bouyant (Acre Remix)
Geng & Moor Mother – This Week
Celyn June – Last Song
Coil – The Sea Priestess
The Associates – White Car In Germany
Tzusing – Nature is not Created in the Image of Man’s Compassion
Chino Amobi – BLACKOUT
SHALT – Warm Chaos
Organ Tapes – Believer
Keiska – Poison Edit
Kid Antoine – Divoli Giddy Up Tool
Jam City x M.E.S.H. – City Hummingbird x Optimate (SHALT Edit)
Olamide – Who You Epp (Dubbel Dutch Edit)
Moro – Chikungunya
McsterMind x DJ Blue – EastCoast Riddim
Orlando Volcano – Ramping Shop 2016
J Hus – Did You See (TDP Edit)
AMAZONDOTCOM – Quiero Cancion
SHALT – Saviour
Bonaventure – HOPELESSNESS

Thoom Guest Mix

Young Dro – Basquiat (ft. Londae Jae)
Dinamarca – Niños
CYPHR x Ms. Dynamite – CYPHR Talk (Dis Fig Blend)
DJ Problem – Football Remix
Pininga – Arrocha Da Glória

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