DJ Delish Mix For The Astral Plane


If you’ve only recently started following Philadelphia’s DJ Delish, you’d likely come to the conclusion that the producer, vocalist, DJ and host only recently started making music. That’s because Delish consistently takes down older releases and uploads from her various online platforms, resigning them to loose hard drives, her own DJ sets and time immemorial. It’s a somewhat common practice in the age of screenshots and Soundcloud, but Delish’s dedication to the practice is strong and belies how deep her catalog really is. It also belies how influential Delish is in both Philadelphia and on an international stage as she plays the roll of local DJ/host, as well as purveyor of some of the most rinsed ballroom productions of the last half decade.

We first got to know Delish in 2015 via “Piano Rage” (featured in our first For Club Use Only column), a stab heavy track that melds the gritty, corporeal energy of ballroom with an eye towards large rooms and an innate clarity. Obsession followed as did deep dives into Delish’s various platforms, of which her Youtube channel is one of the only places where you can hear original productions dating back to 2012. Those uploads, as well as a host of kinetic balls in Philadelphia, show a producer slowly developing a style that now traverses and incorporates everything from hands-in-the-air disco to the sharp thwack of kuduro and baile funk.

The fact that Delish deletes much of the older material as time passes does not mean that she has a dearth of material up at any given time though. August 2017’s HAZEL is a prime example of her recent work rate, comprised of four sparse, low end heavy efforts aimed squarely at the dancefloor. The release, put out through PUMPDABEAT, is a no frills affair, but its rhythmic twists (the switch ups in the 2nd half of “Reclaiming”) are captivating enough. Many of Delish’s recent releases and one-offs are included in her Astral Plane mix,  a session that has been a long time coming and could not possibly disappoint. By extrapolating on the subtle inflections of her own productions, Delish effortlessly brings in tracks by contemporaries (Ase Manual, Habibiboi, AceMo, Sartana)  and legends (El-B, Karizma, Kerry Chandler) alike, eliminating generational schisms via an assertive mixing style. We didn’t expect anything else, but this one has had, and will continue to have, us moving for months to come. Check out more DJ Delish at her Bandcamp and download Astral Plane Mix 155 here.

1.Time Trial Feat. Ducky *Bandit* Remix – Xenmas
2. The Hell- DJ Delish
3. Drink (Sartana Shake )- Sartana
4.Assam’s Children- Vst
5. A Indiana- DJ Baku
6. Wishes- DJ Delish
7. Bend Yo Byke- Ase Manual
8. Attitude – leikeli47
9. Principe- DJ Poco
10. Wooder – XXXchange
​11. Gear- DJ Delish
12. Ozoa – Cat Moop
13. Mountain Dew (DJ Milktray Remix) – DJ Milktray​
14. Hit Em- GRRL
15. 50,000 Just To Book Me (HABIBIBOI Remix)- Habibiboi
16. Body Drop (DJ Delish Remix)- DJ Delish/Ase Manual
17. ​Get Lost- DJ Delish
18. Ahora – EL B
19.Special- Acemo
​20.Pussy Trak- Bok Bok
21. Work It OUt- Karizma
22. Samantha – DJ Tony Powell
23. Dance (Kerri Chandlers Centro Fly Mix)- Earth People
24. Get The Bone- Chocolate Puma
25. I’m Gonna Get You Baby- V.A.

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