The Astral Plane on NTS w/ Boo Lean – January 18


Pittsburgh’s Boo Lean has been a fixture in the Midwest club music fabric for years and recently, her expertise and passion for putting on aspiration, experimental-minded music festivals has expanded to Vancouver’s New Forms. Born Lauren Goshinski, she’s also a force behind the decks, claiming a residency at Pittsburgh’s legendary Hot Mass and showing off a talent for a tightly wound, percussive mixing style. It was serendipitous that Lauren reached out to us with a guest mix the week of our most recent NTS show and we can’t think of a better way to jump off 2019 than with her “Winter Eclipse” selections. The first hour of the show is handled by the AP DJ Team and features forthcoming material and holiday smashers from CÉCI, LOFT, Chants and SHALT, as well as recent faves from BFTT, bod [包家巷], crystallmess, Don Sinini, Emily Glass, jjjacob, Nkisi, SCAM and Ytem. Boo Lean will also be playing at CTM Festival next month, as well as in Galway, Ireland with Gash Collective. Find details on both dates below. Download the show here and hit the jump for a full track list.

Boo Lean February Dates
Feb 3, CTM Festival @ Paloma Bar w Yves Tumor, Moroto Hvy Ind (Nyege Nyege), & Kasymin (Gabber Modus Operandi)
Feb 16, Electric Galway w Lolz (Gash Collective)

AP DJ Team (0:00 – 1:00)
CÉCI – Want
Jikuroux – Spur (SCAM Remix)
Don Sinini – Deeper (prod. Backlit)
Chants – ???
03 Greedo – Rude (Chief Boima and Foreigner Edit)
jjjacob – List of Fallen Angels
bod [包家巷] – Advancement of the Periphery [进步周边]
Born in Flamez – Fear Anger Love (SHALT Remix)
Emily Glass – Battlefield
BFTT – Earlyriser
LOFT – femmebot [sickening aching stretch]
Dark0 – Fuschia (Ytem Remix)
Chants – Seven Spheres
Debussy – Snow Is Dancing (SCAM Edit)
Chants – Assiah Dance
Nkisi – VI
crystallmess – Just because it’s a funeral doesn’t mean we can’t dance

Boo Lean Guest Mix (1:00 – 2:00)
Korridor – Opening
Broken English Club – Joy Scar
Pan Daijing – Act of the Empress
The Empire Line – Ø (For Vainio)
The Empire Line – Mirror Ball
Varg – Snake City
Stine Janvin – Mood
WhyBe – Whalin
Deena Abdelwahed – Jalel Brick Rrumi
Joy O & Ben Vince – Systems Align
Kaltes & Nene H – Resist (LAIR remix)
Zuli – Tongue Chomper
Roma Zuckerman – Shakedown
Ali Berger – Hit Piece
Roy of the Ravers – Supremacy Royale
Roy of the Ravers – PTP9
Hiro Kone – Twisted
Recid – Стас, этот трек для тебя
The Maghreban – Radiance
Pan Daijing – Eat
Deiphix – Hyperhuman

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