The Astral Plane on NTS w/ CÉCI – February ’19


We celebrated the release of CÉCI’s Vortex EP last week with a very special, contextualizing guest session on our monthly NTS slot last week. Slow jams, fine textures and a range of circuitous melodic structures abound in her 30 minute mix which runs from the hour mark. AP DJ Team handled the first hour and last thirty minutes and slotted in plenty of slow-fast and fast-slow tunes including new Slikback, blastah, Lee Gamble, Simo Cell, HNRO and more. The last thirty also includes forthcoming Chants, that stunning LOFT Charli edit and a few new ones from DJ Plead’s upcoming Nervous Horizon tape. Download it here and hit the jump for a full track list.

AP DJ Team [0:00 – 1:00]
Lee Gamble – BMW Shuanghuan X5
Slikback – GEMINI
HNRO – Decisions Decisions
Simo Cell – A Wink Gone Wrong
Silk Road Assassins – Bloom
blastah – Last Wordz
Slikback – Just I
Osheyack – No
Trav – Ride The Wave (Architect & Grizzle Bootleg)
Basile3 – Ode For A Lonely Bird
NPLGNN – Emphathic New Utopia
Crow Vendetta – Earth Tones
Jigga – Huemu
CÉCI – Foreveralone
BFTT – my mind like explosions
CÉCI – Force
Jasper Jasper – Fuck Boy
Alis – Papercuts
CÉCI – Taste

CÉCI Guest Mix [1:00 – 1:30]

AP DJ Team [1:30 – 2:00]
LOFT – better lose your composure
Chants – Filament
DJ Plead – Crush and Burn
Still – Haile Selassie is The Micro-Chip (Nidía Remix)
Chants – Muzzoline
Deena Abdelwahed – Tawa
DJ Plead – Salt and Pepper
Osheyack – Soiled
hmurd – stack disarray

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