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With releases out on TAR and Heat Records, Bay Area-based artist Botaz has begun to make waves over the past few years, entering his clear-eyed approach to production into a growing network of internet-connected individuals pushing club music’s various stands and variants. Also part of San Francisco’s Bread crew who have been bringing out some of the best lineups on the entire West Coast, Botaz is something of a Bay Area hold out, especially when it comes to his label, Big Sigh Brat Club, which is run in tandem with LA’s Farsight and Ballast. Set to be released on September 19, Botaz will debut on BSBC with the Stuck EP, a collection of three widescreen originals aided by remixes from Kieran Loftus, Ca$h Bandicoot, HABIBIBOI and Patrick Brian. We’ve got the EP’s title track on premiere today, a beatific take on the Gobstopper/Coyote school of weightless grime built on glassy synth work, an amnesiac sensibility and a bassline that both grounds and drives the track forward. It’s an intro in a sense, but whereas “Anxious and “Trying” take a more club-oriented approach to the same palette, “Stuck” sits nicely in its own realm, an almost incongruously lush landscape that almost demands a visual analog. Look out for the Stuck EP on the 19th and hit the jump for a preview of the full release.


Based in Los Angeles, brand new label Big Sigh Brat Club (BSBG) has emerged with a bang in the form of Ballast’s URL // IRL EP, an impressive debut by any standards with a load of quality remixes from the likes of Antwood, Lemonick, Rambow and more. Run by Ballast, Botaz and Farsight, BSBG is a collective work and URL // IRL shows it, from the remix package to the collection of guests features to the pointed, yet cuddly, visual aesthetic. The release is full of raw dancefloor-focused numbers like the trance synth-led “Dum Machine” and “Youz A Lame”, effectively a ghetto house track with Kieran Loftus on vocals, but we’ve got the one (partially) beat-less pop number on premiere today. “Manic AKA 3133” is a breathy, pristine effort that verges on bubblegum, but eventually swells into an emotionally draining, warbling swell. Ballast’s remix work for the likes of Javascript, Ducky and Supraman & Kieran Loftus has caught our eye in the past, but “Manic AKA 3133” shows a different side to the producer’s repertoire, stepping away from the dancefloor and showing off a deft touch with original vocals. Would not be mad to see more efforts in this style from the Los Angeles resident. Check out previews for URL // IRL, which is out March 22, after the jump.

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