Premiere: Ballast – Manic AKA 3133


Based in Los Angeles, brand new label Big Sigh Brat Club (BSBG) has emerged with a bang in the form of Ballast’s URL // IRL EP, an impressive debut by any standards with a load of quality remixes from the likes of Antwood, Lemonick, Rambow and more. Run by Ballast, Botaz and Farsight, BSBG is a collective work and URL // IRL shows it, from the remix package to the collection of guests features to the pointed, yet cuddly, visual aesthetic. The release is full of raw dancefloor-focused numbers like the trance synth-led “Dum Machine” and “Youz A Lame”, effectively a ghetto house track with Kieran Loftus on vocals, but we’ve got the one (partially) beat-less pop number on premiere today. “Manic AKA 3133” is a breathy, pristine effort that verges on bubblegum, but eventually swells into an emotionally draining, warbling swell. Ballast’s remix work for the likes of Javascript, Ducky and Supraman & Kieran Loftus has caught our eye in the past, but “Manic AKA 3133” shows a different side to the producer’s repertoire, stepping away from the dancefloor and showing off a deft touch with original vocals. Would not be mad to see more efforts in this style from the Los Angeles resident. Check out previews for URL // IRL, which is out March 22, after the jump.

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