Premiere: Mistareez – Leng


Known for being on the cutting edge of percussive dance forms, Bristol has a new label looking to extend that prowess. Having already released a compilation featuring artists like Tsvi, Gundam and Mistareez, Super Kitchen has a penchant for dancefloor-friendly tunes with a stark, percussive bent, walking the space between American club forms, grime and techno with a handle generally managed by labels with much more experience. Mistareez’s Stutterwerx EP is the first solo release on the label and comes correct for a debut, four hype tracks with remixes from Bleaker, Akito and Gregor. We’ve got “Leng” on premiere today, a highlight from Stutterwerx that’s been lighting us up since first listening to the release. Check out “Leng” and previews for the full EP below and pre-order the release (out Friday) here.

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