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In a sense, Bones & Money‘s production acumen mirrors their beginnings as a DJ duo, an amalgam of innumerable dance music styles rolled up into a tightly wound ball. Hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland, otherwise known as the Granite City, DM Bones (Shaun) and O.T.O.H. (Calum) began producing as Bones & Money at the beginning of 2012, releasing a free single on Tuff Wax Records, the label they co-run with Lockah. Unlike many of their contemporaries, the duo take a less is more approach into their productions and curatorial work (Tuff Wax was founded “as a boutique label aiming to revive interest in high quality vinyl”), preferring to synthesize grime, footwork, R&B and garage into an angular, club-focused weapon that can be deployed with ease in a wide variety of sets.

From an aesthetic perspective, Bones & Money’s output recalls the more abrasive output of a Paul Johnson or Parris Mitchell in its less-is-more focus and ruthless efficiency. B&M certainly don’t make ghetto-house, but their roughneck ethos and compositional understanding certainly allow for similarities. For their Astral Plane mix, the Granite City dwellers funneled contemporary grime and classic Baltimore into 35 minutes of rapid-fire break beats and swelling sub-bass. The pacing is excellent and the mix demands several listens to pick up all of the expertly composed gems. Find the full track list after the jump.

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bones deadboy

The LA Graveyard God, Bones, gave us another mixtape earlier this week to start 2014 off right. If you’ve heard him before you know what to expect on DeadBoy: switchblades, backwoods, and horror. With only one song coming in over three minutes, Bones stays punctual. This tape sees him dropping some of his previous Xavier Wulf (former Raider Klan member Ethel Wulf) inspired screaming/crooning and instead opts to ride sparse beats in a near monotone.

Only 19, Bones has tapped into a 90’s Memphis horrorcore mindset that is eerily irresistible. Championing a lo-fi aesthetic, Bones stays true to his VHS roots and puts out a steady stream of music videos to support each tape. While DeadBoy is my favorite thing that I’ve heard from the pale king in a while, make sure to also checkout his 2013 collaboration with the frozen fang Xavier Wulf, ダサい, which finds him trading verses about acid blades over Friendzone’s anime samples (standouts include Ryūketsu No Gaun (Bloody Gown) and Perusha Kyūden (Persian Palace)).