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1.) Felicita, Frenemies EP

Felicita’s 19 minute EP was released on pretty yellow vinyl but I don’t care about that! I want the glow in the dark drawstring bag. There were only 25 copies made. That’s so rare. It’s the perfect place to store Lush™ Bath Bombs, Sour Skittles, and mystic aphrodisiacs. Plus it comes with a Frenemies digital download (duh). I don’t know if there are any left but if any loved ones of mine are reading this there are still two days of Hanukkah!

2.) Cakes Da Killa, Hunger Pangs

Cakes played a show at my college earlier this year and I drove to pick him up from the airport. We got Chipotle together while waiting for MikeQ’s greyhound to get in. He was very nice and I had a great time. Later that night he tore the place down with whiplash bars that were sharp enough to make anyone bleed between the legs. Cop the deluxe edition of Hunger Pangs on these 4GB sticks (1000 songs).  Keep it coochie.


3.) Slugabed, Coolest EP

Has anyone bought one of these? Does Slugabed own one? Coolest EP is free. £50 is a lot of money! Maybe one day we will be able to get high-quality beach towels with our EPs for the low. This item is for the true collector/beach bum.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 1.15.29 PM

4.) Deru, 1979

Every other item here is (arguably) supplementary to the listening experience, but Deru’s 1979 is made to be experienced in its Obverse Box form. Diverging from the enclosed space of the time capsule, the Obverse Box is a projector made with the intention of experimentation and transformation. Each song from the 1979 album has received a unique visual treatment that mimics memory and follows Jackson Sonnanfeld-Arden’s Nine Pure Tones.

Honorable Mentions:

Wu-Tang Clan, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin

The elephant in the room…

Astral Plane Recordings, Heterotopia

Beautiful collage artwork from Jesse Treece wraps around our most formal effort yet. Re-imaginings of the cover will accompany re-workings of the songs come 2015!

10559957_10152329905523127_3821057916244698196_n (1)

Following recent Mixmag and Boiler Room premieres and leading into tomorrow’s Boiler Room Berlin debut (15:00-21:00 CEST !!! ) She’s Drunk has released the third track off his highly anticipated Physical EP to be released by Liminal Sounds later this month. “Mariah Believes” sees the Berlin-based club producer throwing what sounds like Thugger samples in between Mariah Carey’s (the Mariah in question) choked out ad libs. This is all tossed on top of hectic fried-out bass and Rock The Boat-esque drums to draw the tangible out of a 90’s rnb fantasy. Stream below and purchase the EP to get bonus track “Sluty”.


In celebration of this weekend’s Notting Hill Carnival, Mr. One Hundred has released a five song, free to download ep through his home at Mixpak. Hi Tech Soca might be the only appropriate descriptor for Mr. One Hundred’s particular brand of music. Raving through the American midwest as an adolescent, Mr. One Hundred tapped into Detroit and Chicago’s techno and house histories before moving to London and bearing witness to the sort of soca that can only be created in a club context halfway across the world from its home in the Caribbean (hip hop, grime, acid squelches, etc.). Allowing himself to brine in the high energy riddims, Mr. One Hundred began turning out his own productions with emphasis on techno in synthesis with soca’s rolling drum patterns. The Hi Tech Soca EP comes as a successor to the artist’s premiere EP Palm Tree Destruction and follows in its championing of the future flavor. Listen below to five edits and originals. Particular emphasis goes to the devastatingly dance worthy Mr. One Hundred bootleg of “Fire Now” by Benji Garlin and the soca transformation of Darude in “Sandstorm Riddim”.


15 days ago with the concurrent creations of a Twitter account, a Soundcloud account, and a Tumblr page, Frosty took its first minute steps into the world of Social Media to announce itself as a brand-brand-brand-new mix series. Started by Hana Risk of PC Music fame (yea yea PC Music Cute! Fun! Pop Mirror!!) Frosty is run out of London and comes with a lot of new original music and without a clear mission statement. The basic structure so far is a ~ 20 minute mix with like five Wiley accapellas (not the only emcee but a strong favorite) thrown over a mix of bootlegs, original productions, and vips curated by some of the more interesting artists/labels out there.

The first edition was brought by Parisian traxman Le Dom and a quick second came from Sega Bodega (recently given a piggy-back by Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs label). Yesterday, Manicure Records was invited to let its members have a spin with the preface, “all ur fave grime acapellas over all ur fave non-grime beats!” Each mix is free to download off Frosty’s Soundcloud and feature full tracklists.

These are Hot! Hot! Hot!

Listen to Frosty Mix 3 below.


BeatKing begins “Throw Dat Ahh” with a short prayer: “Club God, thank you for blessing us with this beat, praise his name.”

The track appeared on Club God 2 last November and with help from DJ Chose making an appearance as Club Devil and quick remix featuring BeatKing’s  stable of cohorts (Kstylis, Lil Ronny, Fat Pimp, Chalie Boy, and T-Wayne) it became the next in the Club God’s continually growing list of Houston strip club bangers.

Yesterday, Houston’s grime ambassador Rabit dropped all sense of delightful debauchery that the original flaunted, and reinvented BeatKing’s bendova’ orders into threats. Over the growling subline Dj Chose becomes second-in-command to the don and what was an underlying chant is left to be recognized as the tortured cry of those who looked the wrong way at the Club God. While it doesn’t take much for me to love any sort of combination of heavyweights Rabit and BeatKing this track is wild.

“Rabit, thank you for blessing us with this beat, praise his name.”

tumblr_mwkojdcbsa1t2ed35o1_128016-year-old Isaiah Dreads comes heavy on a new Preditah assisted track. Growing up in the noughties at the same time as grime’s development, Dreads has no trepidation about claiming the crown. Getting co-signs from gawds Toddla T, Rob Da Bank and DJ Target, Dreads sidesteps the usual ladder of success and goes straight for the jugular with this aggressive, radio monster. Premiered earlier today by i-D, “U See Me” is a marching bands worth of horns, claps, and Dreads. Stream below.


Last April, RIVA released what would be his last production under said name in the form of the Fast Life EP on Sea Punk GangFast Life, which distinguished itself from the mass of uninteresting techno through equivalent dystopian vision in aesthetic, production, and vocals, provided perfect anthems for the internet made manifest parties thrown by Sea Punk Gang.

Now, adopting a name that seemingly came out of a souncloud-producer name generator app. RIVA is back as Wi-Fi RSVP with “Turbo” and its instrumental counterpart as his first release under the new identity. It sounds a little like Salem’s witch-house. It sounds a little trapped out. But, it sounds good. The vocals, presumably Wi-Fi RSVP himself, are derived less from post-irony than from a raver whose conscious of his bull-headedness. Pads sound like a final slow dance. Stream/Download “Turbo” for free below and follow Wi-Fi RSVP (FKA RIVA) on soundcloud here. Leave the club to this song.

a1238532878_10The latest edition of Chico Dub‘s Hy Brazil series was released today free to download on bandcamp. Where the past four issues have had a more general focus on the unseen electronic music that thrives across Brazil, Vol 5 takes a close look into the experimental. The 14 tracks expertly curated by Chico Dub drone in and out of recognition; momentarily finding plains before falling beneath eclipsing, seemingly random, sounds. The compilation offers a take on Brazilian music that has escaped the intrusion of the tourist and the favela images and instead, been birthed outside of banality. Download Hy Brazil Vol 5: New Experimental Music From Brazil 2014 on bandcamp and find a list of the featured artists’ information through Tiny Mix Tapeswho premiered Chico Dub’s latest triumph.

The blossoming Hush Hush Records reached a milestone yesterday with the release of their first label compilation. Hush Hush: Presents, Vol. 1 features 28 tracks from 28 old, new, and future Hush Hush artists/friends each sharing their own take on the night bus sound. Focusing on feeling rather than constrictions of definition, night bus is an aesthetic, an encounter, a collapse. Astral Plane favorites Chants, Cock & Swan, and tinyforest give instance to this divergence of process with their additions as well as newcomers Yakamoto Kotzuga and Keenya‘s tracks “After Midnight” and “Lost in Corners”.

With the recent release of Redbull Music Academy graduee Kid Smpl’s Silo Tear EP (sounds like driving down a highway in the dark and seeing streetlight after streetlight ghost by you) and the teaser-like nature of Vol. 1, it is easy to imagine that the cement laid by Hush Hush founder, Alex Ruder, has begun to set. Name-your-price download of Hush Hush: Presents, Vol 1. is available on bandcamp here.


Chicago rapper Pavy releases the first single, “Get It”, off his Rule Over My Enemies (R.O.M.E.) LP, set to drop this summer. With production from Paris Beuller, Pavy dismisses any pre-conceived notions with a growl over an ominous countdown of church bells. Demonstrating dexterity, Pavy experiments; rushing in headfirst, cutting himself short, letting adlibs create a fever-like cacophony. “Get It” can be co-opted by anyone on the verge of something huge and is a good sign that R.O.M.E. will bring some energy to a lazy summer. Stream/download “Get It” below.