Frosty Ice Cold


15 days ago with the concurrent creations of a Twitter account, a Soundcloud account, and a Tumblr page, Frosty took its first minute steps into the world of Social Media to announce itself as a brand-brand-brand-new mix series. Started by Hana Risk of PC Music fame (yea yea PC Music Cute! Fun! Pop Mirror!!) Frosty is run out of London and comes with a lot of new original music and without a clear mission statement. The basic structure so far is a ~ 20 minute mix with like five Wiley accapellas (not the only emcee but a strong favorite) thrown over a mix of bootlegs, original productions, and vips curated by some of the more interesting artists/labels out there.

The first edition was brought by Parisian traxman Le Dom and a quick second came from Sega Bodega (recently given a piggy-back by Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs label). Yesterday, Manicure Records was invited to let its members have a spin with the preface, “all ur fave grime acapellas over all ur fave non-grime beats!” Each mix is free to download off Frosty’s Soundcloud and feature full tracklists.

These are Hot! Hot! Hot!

Listen to Frosty Mix 3 below.


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