New Lotic – “Headlock”


After the massive critical success of M.E.S.H.’s Scythians EP and Lotic‘s “Damsel In Distress” mix, Berlin’s Janus club night has been elevated to an exciting new theoretical stature. Alongside nights GHE20 GOTH1K, Janus has a purpose, a stated intention to differentiate itself from the ever-growing mass of club nights the world over. This attitude is made ever-clear in interviews with co-founders Dan Denorch and Michael Ladner, but also in the disparate sonic stylings of night’s aforementioned residents. Scythians is the best illustration of the deconstructive school of club music and Lotic’s recent signing to Fade to Mind points to a future rife with opportunity fo the Texas-born producer. “Headlock” is the latest track to appear from the latter, a seeming one-off with a distinct gunmetal sheen. For classification purposes “Headlock” follows something along the lines of a dembow rhythmic structure, while twinkling synth rotations and distant Rihanna sample lull and build anticipation in equal measure. No word yet on an official release for “Headlock” or any more news on the F2M front, but it’s easy to see that the presentation of the unknown is to Lotic’s liking.

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