Chico Dub Releases ‘Hy Brazil Vol 5: New Experimental Music From Brazil 2014’

a1238532878_10The latest edition of Chico Dub‘s Hy Brazil series was released today free to download on bandcamp. Where the past four issues have had a more general focus on the unseen electronic music that thrives across Brazil, Vol 5 takes a close look into the experimental. The 14 tracks expertly curated by Chico Dub drone in and out of recognition; momentarily finding plains before falling beneath eclipsing, seemingly random, sounds. The compilation offers a take on Brazilian music that has escaped the intrusion of the tourist and the favela images and instead, been birthed outside of banality. Download Hy Brazil Vol 5: New Experimental Music From Brazil 2014 on bandcamp and find a list of the featured artists’ information through Tiny Mix Tapeswho premiered Chico Dub’s latest triumph.

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