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Self-described “NEW BAROQUE DIGITAL BITCH TRAP AMBIENT BALL” artist RIVA released his Fast Life EP yesterday through the record label/club night/clothing line/post-physical place to be, SEAPUNKGANG. While SPG is #tumblrwave, they have created a very real, very tangible place in this world recruiting Groundislava, Cid Rim, and Panteros666 to be poster children. 

“Fast Life / 速い 人生” starts off the EP with pikachu crying over four on the floor bass before a stuttered euphoric wash leads the way for RIVA to riddle off “fast life, chemical addiction.” The song comes together with a space battle sounding hardstyle beat that clears all misconceptions about what Fast Life is. “1993” might be RIVA telling us his life story over a slow, but the slow, growling techno beat and occasional kandi dipped synth explosions make sure we don’t get too close. The three-piece ends with “White Magic / 白 マジック”. Heavier in sound and content than the other two, White Magic is the emotional breakthrough from the Milanese producer; ascending out of the party that traps the other two. Stream RIVA’s Fast Life EP below and download for the price of a like here.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 6.56.11 PM 1

Jumping on to the map with a co-sign from genre-line toeing Micachu, London newcomers MOLLY release Better Halvesa 12 song, 20 minute mixtape. The duo, made up of Raisa K and Evian Cafun, doesn’t find a happy medium; instead it thrashes between Evian’s pointed afro-punk rap and Raisa’s stripped down, industrial production. It is chaotic and it is feral, but it is alive and it pulses. MOLLY will need to refine their craft, but hearing Evian say “Balance is the answer” in response to Raifa’s “I am half made up of you” on the mixtape’s title track, it is easy to imagine their trajectory. With hits in “Apparently You’re Mental Pt. 2” and mixtape closer “Beast”, MOLLY will (hopefully) soon find themselves working alongside affiliate Tirzah on Greco-Roman taking over UK charts. Watch the video for “Better Halves” below and stream the full mixtape on Soundcloud after the jump.

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Earlier this morning, London-based label PC Music (so cool so cool) uploaded their first official music videos. PC Music has been a visual experience since its inception, creating eclectic, gif-championing individual webpages for each release (see Dux Content’s Lifestyle and “My Miss 2.0“) and, if you dig deep enough, you can find early videos for affiliates Serious ThugsDJ Warlord, and others along with other early goodies (where is Lil Gash ??!?) on the various tumblrs associated with the label, but bossman A.G. Cook has kept most video content under a tight lid. Now, in a step of maturation, two full-length videos have appeared along with the full easyFun EP on a brand new Youtube channel.

The tracks, “Odyssey, Pt. 2 (A. G. Cook Remix)” originally by Dreamtrak and “Sondico” by easyFun, mirror the full spectrum of artists seated on the label. “Odyssey Pt. 2 (A.G. Cook Remix)” with a hook of “We drove to Miami / because Miami is the place” features one of A.G. Cook’s nameless guest vocalists and is pure pop. The video takes a literal parallel and showcases clip after clip of Rick Ross meets Ultra type shots, all with a pink tint beneath the cover art. “Sondico,” while given a similar video made up of neon-dripping aerobic dancers, has no discernible beat and instead jumps around the sonic synth sphere in a scat-like manner. Both videos indulge in stock footage and manufactured bliss. Watch “Odyssey, Pt. 2 (A. G. Cook Remix)” below and click here for “Sondico”.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 3.04.36 PM“Come, it’s just one song. Don’t be shy”

What a nice song. What a nice video. New Zealand born, UK resident, Connan Mockasin gifted fans of dreamy, psych-pop with a video for “Do I Make You Feel Shy”, one of the standouts of last year’s Caramel. Connan, if you haven’t heard him before, sounds like Ariel Pink or Mac DeMarco or any other artist that makes you feel sad and in love. This video sees him losing his usual white-on-white-on-platinum white outfit for a leather jacket and a semi-confident smile. The whole episode takes place in an empty Charlie’s, Connan’s favorite Karaoke bar in Manchester, and shows our star getting peer-pressured into performing by two, more confident, ladies. Watch the video below.

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With yesterday’s Secret Mix, GFOTY (girlfriend of the year) joins Hannah Diamond and Princess Bambi on the list of PC Music girls that I have a crush on.

Only recently emerging on to the scene, London’s PC Music label has released some of the funnest, catchiest, pop songs to be stuck in my head in the last year (<<maybe ever>>). Label head AG Cook, with a seemingly tireless work ethic, takes his collage-of-top-40-charts-drowned-in-every-pop-up-ad-you-have-ever-exited-out-of sounding production and creates digital personas for singers that he then works with. The result of these collaborations are beyond commercial pieces of work that are simultaneously simple minded and reminiscent of schizophrenia. To sum it up, AG Cook could DJ the best bar mitzvah ever. Take ten minutes out your day, stare at your computer or mobile device, and listen to six new songs from GFOTY. Stream and download the mix below.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 5.03.52 PM

Coming on to the scene as one of many new ~ mystery ~ artists, Alauda gave us reasons to pay attention to her with earlier efforts “Cyan Water” and “Fallen Star”, but it is “Honey Priest” that sets the table for her. This song is so good and so fun. It takes the unintelligible lullabies of Candy Claws and then focuses them in with some India Shawn-like range. Alauda might just be my favorite new pop-y dream-y singer out there. Watch the crystal ball filtered/abduction feeling video for “Honey Priest” below.

CHANTS ARTChants gives me goosebumps.

Jordan Cohen, better known to the world as
Chants, has been making everything from lullabies (“Way Awake“) to topshelf makeout (“I Feel Like I Feel It”) music out of sleepy Madison, WI for the last five years. After getting a few EPs and remixes under his belt, Jordan offered last November’s I Feel Like I Feel It through Seattle’s Hush Hush Records. The album defined his sound as warm and lovely and catchy and somehow perfect in any weather. Favoring drums and doing everything himself, Jordan didn’t leave anyone much choice, but to look at him and the music that he is creating. We were lucky enough to get Jordan to send us over a mix and answer a few questions about who he is/what he does/how he does what he does. Stream Chants’ Mix For The Astral Plane below and get to know the sweet man/find a tracklist after the jump. 


These boys tease me. Hailing from Osaka and Brooklyn, Seiho and Obey City (respectively) released Shochu Sounds to cap off last week’s Way Cool Winter Tour of Japan. Released through Osaka label Perfect Touch, the EP sees Seiho and Obey City trading off songs and it sounds so so sweet. I don’t know how these opposite-side-of-the-world got in touch, but Seiho’s rave-like dance songs find their match in the sexy shifted vocals of Obey CIty. Close your eyes and listen to “Koi” and pretend that one day you might be able to see these two take over Tokyo-3. Stream a teaser of Shochu Sounds below and cop a t-shirt/EP combo through Perfect Touch here.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 7.56.13 PM Yesterday, I was lying in bed drifting in and out of a mid-afternoon nap when Perera Elsewhere’s “Drunk Man” started trickling through the room. I couldn’t place it. My eyes were shut and I didn’t want to open them. I didn’t want to leave where her voice had taken me. Timeless and rolling and playful and definite.

Today, I saw that Perera and her friend Holger Hugo Schneider collaborated to make a video for the haunting song in preparation for the deluxe release of her debut LP Everlast with Friends of Friends. I watched it and I felt like I was falling or drowning or something in between. It’s beautiful. Seemingly arbitrary images weave horizontally across the screen. Sometimes we see Perera singing; she looks happy. Watch the video for yourself and read a list of my favorite shots below.

Favorite shots:
Shower with bark
Crowded Indian commute train
Silk worms coating a tree
All the shots where it looks like Perera is facetiming me

zmoneyDripping in ‘sace, Chicago rapper Z-Money delivered “Dope Boy Magic” to the world yesterday. Like a mix of Atlanta’s Migos and drill sergeant King L with a sprinkle of Gucci, Z-Money has a flow that doubles and triples back on itself and a voice that stays sounding like strained whisper. “Dope Boy Magic” sees the 20 year-old on a JNeal beat that teases at continuity, but instead stutters and stumbles into a dark, smoked-out world of foreign clothes, foreign cars, and condos.  After dropping two mixtapes on the same day last summer (Rich B4 Rap and Heroin Musik) and gaining some notoriety with “Regular,” Z-Money is ready for the spotlight. Check out the video for “Dope Boy Magic” below.