New Perera Elsewhere Video “Drunk Man”

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 7.56.13 PM Yesterday, I was lying in bed drifting in and out of a mid-afternoon nap when Perera Elsewhere’s “Drunk Man” started trickling through the room. I couldn’t place it. My eyes were shut and I didn’t want to open them. I didn’t want to leave where her voice had taken me. Timeless and rolling and playful and definite.

Today, I saw that Perera and her friend Holger Hugo Schneider collaborated to make a video for the haunting song in preparation for the deluxe release of her debut LP Everlast with Friends of Friends. I watched it and I felt like I was falling or drowning or something in between. It’s beautiful. Seemingly arbitrary images weave horizontally across the screen. Sometimes we see Perera singing; she looks happy. Watch the video for yourself and read a list of my favorite shots below.

Favorite shots:
Shower with bark
Crowded Indian commute train
Silk worms coating a tree
All the shots where it looks like Perera is facetiming me

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  1. Jon Meier said:

    Hi Gabe and Sam:

    This is a good post where you personalize your listening experience for the reader. Makes it more enjoyable to read than just a bunch of adjectives.


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