Neana Remixes Sudanim’s “Midrift”


If you were unfamiliar with the rising talent in the wot you call it world of instrumental grime, stripped-down techno and general sub-low bidness, it might come as a massive surprise to see so much collaboration and conversation occurring on a daily level. Twitter has the immediate capacity to connect artists, but it takes artist imperative to connect in the end. At times, it’s difficult to tell where the Gang Fatale boys, Her Records crew, Goon Club Allstars and joint Fade To Mind/Night Slugs powerhouse begin and end. The sheer amount of track sharing, bootlegging and wide-spread positive spirit would be encouraging in any sphere, but these guys and gals are at the very forefront of British dance music. That’s why it came as no surprise to see Neana listed as a remixer of Sudanim’s latest project, presciently titled The Link. Stream Neana’s remix below and check out the full EP here.

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