New Sudanim – “The Link”

sudanim - the link

Last year, south London club night/record label Her Records appeared to make a huge leap by releasing Miss Modular’s Reflector Pack/Cruzer Edge, a world-beating affair that launched MM and Her onto the tongue of just about every tastemaker in (and out of) the business. “Reflector Pack” was obviously the star track of 2013, but what some people forget is that the young label also released two other EPs and a compilation throughout the calendar year. Not only has Her broken open the sound bank with their angular, metallic take on club music, but they’ve already amassed an impressive catalogue in just over 13 months in existence. The label’s next release will come from co-head Sudanim in the form of The Link EP and it’s already sounding like a belter. The title track brings to mind the work of Jam City and Girl Unit’s Hysterics side-project, but Sudanim isn’t just your run of the mill Night Slugs derivative, instead he has an aesthetic all his own. It’s an aesthetic built on ever-building percussion that can tumble down in a violent crush at any moment. It’s nominally dance music, but offers an equally impressive post-industrial sentiment. With some of the bigger names in London already on their side and names like Fraxinus in their camp, expect to hear a lot more from Her over the coming months. The EP will feature four original tracks and an always coveted Neana remix. Out tomorrow (February 12) on Her.


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