CYPHR’s ‘Brace/Gloss FInish’ Out Now


Last June, Her Records caught our attention with the unique, R&B-inflected club vibes of CYPHR’s Girl Shake, a free EP that set the stage for Miss Modular’s wildly popular “Reflektor Pack”, although hasn’t received nearly as much popular acclaim. With Sudanim’s The Link EP already under their belt, it’s clear that the Her crew are looking to flex their shit in 2014 and today brings  release of CYPHR’s Brace/Gloss Finish single. More unbridled than Girl Shake, both “Brace” and “Gloss Finish” abandon the R&B trappings of CYPHR’s first Her release, the former opting for a growling, percussive monster and the latter straining ebullient vocals and analogue synth work into a techno framework. Both tracks are wildly efficient club efforts and allow CYPHR the room to remove himself from the shadow of his fellow Her artists. The single is out now and can be bought at the Her store.

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