Iglooghost Mix For The Astral Plane


In the general sphere of “beat” music, the instrumental hip hop sound both directly and obliquely centered around Los Angeles’ Low End Theory club night, it’s an incredibly difficult task to differentiate oneself from the competition. While the club night has diversified and expanded (by leaps and bounds) since its inception in 2006, there’s a resounding sense that much of its original sonic make-up has become staid and predictable. With the exception of several recent projects, notably Teebs’ E S T A R A, it’s rather difficult to find producers invested in pushing the boundaries of experimental music. Which is exactly where the United Kingdom-based Iglooghost enters the picture. Encompassing both the direct and oblique connections to Low End Theory, the teenage producer is presently working on an LP with Hellfyre Club member-cum-laude Milo, the obvious connection. Iglooghost also represents an ever-growing camp of international producers adapting, expanding upon and sometimes aping the sounds of Los Angeles.

In January, Error Broadcast released Iglooghost’s first official EP, Treetunnels, an effort that saw him adding R&B flavor and vocals to his jazz-inflected productions. With productions under his belt for the aforementioned Milo and Kool A.D., he has also made strides into the hip hop world, resulting in collaborations that belie the oceanic distance between rapper and beatsmith. Outside of his work with rappers, he brings an expansive take on hip hop to the table, showcasing an impressive comprehension of sound design and composition. Iglooghost’s Astral Plane mix features a mature sound that starts with drum and bass and quickly dissolves into immersive ambient space. We first listened to the mix after a weekend at Death Valley and were quickly enveloped in a semi-coherent haze by 32 minutes of richly melodic, deeply rewarding beat work. The track list might not be immediately familiar, but rinse yourself in the mix and it will take you away.

Iglooghost – Teatunnels (feat. Jitwam)

Alphabets Heaven – All Night

Teebs – Piano Days

yuk. – Sundaze

AceMo – Overlook

emmanuel fade – bubbleguts

ISAN – Fueled

mhva – Fascimilie

FOANS – Transmission 4

Citymouth – Circuits Circuits

City Ports – Forss

Deathprod – Dead People’s Things

Iglooghost – caterpillarboy…

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