New Z-Money “Dope Boy Magic”

zmoneyDripping in ‘sace, Chicago rapper Z-Money delivered “Dope Boy Magic” to the world yesterday. Like a mix of Atlanta’s Migos and drill sergeant King L with a sprinkle of Gucci, Z-Money has a flow that doubles and triples back on itself and a voice that stays sounding like strained whisper. “Dope Boy Magic” sees the 20 year-old on a JNeal beat that teases at continuity, but instead stutters and stumbles into a dark, smoked-out world of foreign clothes, foreign cars, and condos.  After dropping two mixtapes on the same day last summer (Rich B4 Rap and Heroin Musik) and gaining some notoriety with “Regular,” Z-Money is ready for the spotlight. Check out the video for “Dope Boy Magic” below.

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