Having previously plied his trade as a drummer, beatsmith for rappers and emotional producer extraordinaire, Chants is something of a musical polymath and while his work extends into a number of cultural, geographic, social, etc. contexts it always seems to push boundaries and ask questions. The Zookeeper is the Madison-based artist’s latest work and we couldn’t be more excited to release this outsized, bludgeoning, heaving piece of club music. It’s certainly not a release for the faint of heart, but if you’re ready to have your organs and or blood-brain barrier reorganized then this is the release for you. The Zookeeper is out now on all digital streaming and download platforms and is probably already in the darkest rave near you. We’ve also just launched a revamped Astral Plane Recordings website, designed by Sam Meier and featuring an incredible, synapse overloading music video for “Crushed Lollipop” by Isaac Chabon. It’s our goal to offer up a complete a/v experience and the sheer physicality of Chants’ music was the perfect opportunity to institute that vision in full.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 3.04.36 PM“Come, it’s just one song. Don’t be shy”

What a nice song. What a nice video. New Zealand born, UK resident, Connan Mockasin gifted fans of dreamy, psych-pop with a video for “Do I Make You Feel Shy”, one of the standouts of last year’s Caramel. Connan, if you haven’t heard him before, sounds like Ariel Pink or Mac DeMarco or any other artist that makes you feel sad and in love. This video sees him losing his usual white-on-white-on-platinum white outfit for a leather jacket and a semi-confident smile. The whole episode takes place in an empty Charlie’s, Connan’s favorite Karaoke bar in Manchester, and shows our star getting peer-pressured into performing by two, more confident, ladies. Watch the video below.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 7.56.13 PM Yesterday, I was lying in bed drifting in and out of a mid-afternoon nap when Perera Elsewhere’s “Drunk Man” started trickling through the room. I couldn’t place it. My eyes were shut and I didn’t want to open them. I didn’t want to leave where her voice had taken me. Timeless and rolling and playful and definite.

Today, I saw that Perera and her friend Holger Hugo Schneider collaborated to make a video for the haunting song in preparation for the deluxe release of her debut LP Everlast with Friends of Friends. I watched it and I felt like I was falling or drowning or something in between. It’s beautiful. Seemingly arbitrary images weave horizontally across the screen. Sometimes we see Perera singing; she looks happy. Watch the video for yourself and read a list of my favorite shots below.

Favorite shots:
Shower with bark
Crowded Indian commute train
Silk worms coating a tree
All the shots where it looks like Perera is facetiming me

sinjin-hawke1It’s always a pleasure to post the best press shot in music, in no small part because the song it accompanies is always a smasher. Sinjin Hawke evolved into an unstoppable beast in 2013 through a series of remixes and collaborations and 2014 will likely end up being one of those “leap” years  for the producer that everyone talks about. Whether he’s revamping ghetto house or doing Just Blaze better than Just Blaze (or with Just Blaze for that matter), the Barcelona-based producer has elicited an innumerable amount of excited yelps from this listener. If I had to pick a highlight from Sinjin’s 2013 , it would have to be the establishment of the visual-focused Fractal Fantasy series, a collaborative effort with significant other Zora Jones that has featured L-Vis 1990, Morri$ and Ms. Jones herself. The latest Fractal Fantasy effort, titled “ThunderScan”, comes from Sinjin and Fade To Mind/Qween Beat talisman MikeQ. If you’ve followed Sinjin’s progression over the past several years, the vocal twists and irregular pacing will not come as a surprise, but with MikeQ’s ballroom “ha”s and crashes thrown into the mix, “ThunderScan” appears to exist in a wild, unpredictable state. Watch the video and it will all make sense.

Mr. West recently set the interweb ablaze by releasing a video for his Kanye & Friends banger (well, banger except for ‘Ye’s verse, even that’s aight-ish) “Mercy”.

Ostensibly, this deserves coverage on The Astral Plane because “Hudson Mowhawke played some instruments” in the production process of “Mercy”.  But I like it for more than the involvement of my second favorite preteen lookin’ ass producer from Glasgow.  DJ Nobody, or another slightly less flossy resident, has played this every week at Low End Theory since it’s release and fuck, people still get TURN’T to this song.  I think this song is pushing things forward.  It clearly falls into the trap aesthetic, it’s dark and looming, hangs out in a menacing minor key, and bangs along at a nice leisurely tempo.  BUT THERE AREN’T ANY MACHINE GUN HIHATS.  Can you even do that? Is that allowed? Of course. Things like Kanye’s dancehall sample, Big Sean talking about his favorite body part, and 2chainz being a boss carry the song rather than the elements of trap production that have been driving people bananas lately. I like that. I don’t want dark slow rap beats to turn into the “pissing contest” that dubstep has today. Obviously, who can make the craziest, waviest beat will be a lot better pissing contest than dubstep’s quest for filth and middle school fans, but I would hate to see American bass music get stuck in another rut. Luckily, the GOOD crew has placed a commercially successful beacon out there for producers to look at and say, hmmmmm, maybe more with less is the way to fuck the club up.

Brainfeeder is best known for its stable of beatsmiths, but FlyLo has found a few dudes who can spit equally weird and wavy bars. Amongst the MCs on the LA label is globetrotting nomad Azizi Gibson, a charismatic, smart dude trying to bridge the gap between good music and popular music. A former resident of Bangkok and Maryland, among other places, Z now resides in the city of angels, where he has been preparing a slew of free releases in preparation for his debut LP, due at some point in the upcoming year. Among other things, the rapper has a collaborative effort with fellow Brainfeeder artist Lapalux on the way soon that should blow quite a few doors down.  In the mean time, here is the video for “Booshie Champagne”, (a track off Z’s Phuck Dlx mixtape, which you can grab for free here), filmed on a whim over a typical weekend of getting properly turn’t. The song itself oozes carefree confidence and fun and begs to get stuck in your head on a beautiful sunny day.

You probably don’t know this about us yet, but we’re big The xx stans. I mean big. So when we caught this recording of them performing a new track at Chats Palace in London, we knew it was our obligation to share it with all of you. The band has played several London shows over the past few weeks, their first in over two years, and by all accounts, the results have been extraordinary. The band has said that the new album, still unnamed, has a more club oriented feel than The xx, possibly an extension of Jamie XX’s recent work. I honestly haven’t been this excited for a new album in years. Even this god awful quality video gets me a little bit wet. I wish I had more information regarding a release date, but all we can do is tentatively wait. Find The xx’s summer tour dates over at Paste.

After further investigation, the live FlyLo video I posted earlier is not the only set from Sónar São Paulo. In all my excitement, I overlooked sets from Rustie, Four Tet, James Pants, Cut Chemist, Skream, Chromeo and the ultimate supervillain… DOOM. Now, I haven’t gotten around to the DOOM video because I’m still bitter he sent an impostor to a show in Seattle a few years ago, but I’ll get over my hurt feelings eventually and press the play button. I highly recommend the Rustie video, but please just listen to the audio. The camera work is painfully abrasive. What I gathered from these videos? No one has more fun on stage than FlyLo. The dude just has an aura of unstoppable charisma surrounding him. He can’t be beat. Find all of the videos at the Sónar Youtube page and our favorites after the jump. If we’re lucky, we’ll get similar videos of James Blake, Hudson Mohawke, Justice and Modeselektor from Sónar.

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If you’ve been sleeping all morning (like I was), you might have missed the above video of Flying Lotus performing a few new tracks off of Until The Quiet Comes, dropping “like October or some shit”. The video is taken from Sónar São Paulo and is not just any normal festival rip. Trust me, I’ve spent hours on hours attempting to track down reasonable quality footage from his Coachella Weekend One performance (which left me speechless) to no avail. This is another story. Just under half and hour of 720P, multiple camera angle footage and clear as hell audio. Not worth a rip, as FlyLo says himself, but there’s no chance I’ll be closing this tab anytime soon. If you’ve seen FlyLo live, this will bring back some flashbacks, although it’s a drastically different set than he’s been performing recently. That DJ Quik and Kurupt. That MCA. That Aphex Twin. That Radiohead. Not to mention the mind-bending new originals. Lawdy Lawdy. If you haven’t seen him in person…. well sheeeeiiit (©Clay Davis). Gotta get on your greezy. He’s got a couple of dates in the US and a bunch in Europe. Find them all here. In the meantime, bask in the glory that is this video.

The wacky London analog-electro production duo Simian Mobile Disco has a new album, Unpatterns, coming out on May 14th. The group will be touring throughout Europe and the US through July; check out their tour dates after the jump. Today, you can stream the album’s sixth track, “Put Your Hands Together,” right here:

We also bring you the brand new video for “Seraphim,” which is a weird montage of people performing eerily mundane activities.


The tracklist for Unpatterns is as follows:

01. I Waited For You
02. Cerulean
03. Seraphim
04. A Species Out of Control
05. Interference
06. Put Your Hands Together
07. The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife
08. Your Love Ain’t Fair
09. Pareidolia

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