Flying Lotus Graces Sónar São Paulo With New Tracks Off Of Until The Quiet Comes

If you’ve been sleeping all morning (like I was), you might have missed the above video of Flying Lotus performing a few new tracks off of Until The Quiet Comes, dropping “like October or some shit”. The video is taken from Sónar São Paulo and is not just any normal festival rip. Trust me, I’ve spent hours on hours attempting to track down reasonable quality footage from his Coachella Weekend One performance (which left me speechless) to no avail. This is another story. Just under half and hour of 720P, multiple camera angle footage and clear as hell audio. Not worth a rip, as FlyLo says himself, but there’s no chance I’ll be closing this tab anytime soon. If you’ve seen FlyLo live, this will bring back some flashbacks, although it’s a drastically different set than he’s been performing recently. That DJ Quik and Kurupt. That MCA. That Aphex Twin. That Radiohead. Not to mention the mind-bending new originals. Lawdy Lawdy. If you haven’t seen him in person…. well sheeeeiiit (©Clay Davis). Gotta get on your greezy. He’s got a couple of dates in the US and a bunch in Europe. Find them all here. In the meantime, bask in the glory that is this video.

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