Lapalux Remixes Mario’s Mid-2000’s Hit “Let Me Love You”

Mario’s mid 2000’s hit “Let Me Love You” probably is nothing more than a footnote in the annals of bad pop music, but to a number of pubescent teenagers at the time, it was a major benchmark in their sexually driven minds. Granted, I was not one those kids, being too wrapped up in the Def Jux back catalogue (for better or worse). Still, the song was unavoidable and was on replay on Seattle’s KUBE93 for months. It’s fitting in this day and age that Brainfeeder beatsmith Lapalux would take on the track and give it a little reconstruction. The smooth original is smashed to pieces here, vocals pitched up and down, thrown across the length of the song and layered throughout. Percussion both dominates and adds a subtle hue to the track, which along with scattered synths, brings the song into the Essex native’s futuristic realm. Stream and download the track over at XLR8R.


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