Connan Mockasin’s “Do I Make You Feel Shy” Gets Video Treatment

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 3.04.36 PM“Come, it’s just one song. Don’t be shy”

What a nice song. What a nice video. New Zealand born, UK resident, Connan Mockasin gifted fans of dreamy, psych-pop with a video for “Do I Make You Feel Shy”, one of the standouts of last year’s Caramel. Connan, if you haven’t heard him before, sounds like Ariel Pink or Mac DeMarco or any other artist that makes you feel sad and in love. This video sees him losing his usual white-on-white-on-platinum white outfit for a leather jacket and a semi-confident smile. The whole episode takes place in an empty Charlie’s, Connan’s favorite Karaoke bar in Manchester, and shows our star getting peer-pressured into performing by two, more confident, ladies. Watch the video below.

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