New William Skeng – “Two Parts Nightshade”


In only a few months, rising square wave impresario William Skeng has proven himself as one of the most melodically gifted producers on either side of the Atlantic (or any ocean for that matter). The wily American producer has quickly ingratiated himself in a number of UK circles, garnering support from the likes of Slackk, Tom Lea and Mr. Mitch. Skeng is prolific as hell, but doesn’t just throw half-assed sketches on Soundcloud. His work is polished, equal parts referential and forward-thinking and dynamic to work in a settings. “Two Parts Nightshade” is a deft take on contemporary¬†instrumental grime, a near-trance melody riding over buckshot percussion and meticulously prepared sub-bass. If the sound is familiar, that’s probably because you’ve hear Skeng’s tunes in any number of popular mixes over the past several months. Be on the lookout.

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