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Chants_300dpi_b_wOver the past few weeks, we’ve been lucky to proffer up our debut compilation, Heterotopia, and disseminate it to all of you. We’ve also been joined by Apothecary Compositions to release a cassette version of the compilation, a somewhat arcane pursuit in the modern day, but an endeavor that has added physical depth and a collectors item sheen to the whole process. When we made the decision to release Heterotopia on cassette, we reached out to two artists, Piri Piri and Chants, who were unable to contribute to the original tape for several reasons. Earlier this week, we brought you Piri Piri’s contriubtion, the Gqom-inspired “Low Earth Orbit”, and today we have Chants’ churning “U Had Rhythm”. While largely peddling in sumptuous, sample-heavy hip hop modifications, Chants takes a strong right turn turn towards industrial clubland on “U Had Rhythm”, drafting up an excuse to eschew melody and revel in the madness of frantic, yet spatially aware percussion. While the Wisconsite leaves little to no room to breath in between the crashing, reverb-heavy kicks and cyclical, generator-like sub frequencies, there isn’t a single moment where “U Had Rhythm” feels overbearing. Instead, the track takes on a protean quality, settling into an established snare pattern for several bars before tossing it to the wind and reestablishing a new groove. As physical a track as they come.

We still have a few copies of the Heterotopia cassette available in the Apothecary web store, but they won’t be around for long. With your cassette, you’ll receive exclusive downloads of “Low Earth Orbit” and “U Had Rhythm” and alternative art work from Jesse Treece.

The blossoming Hush Hush Records reached a milestone yesterday with the release of their first label compilation. Hush Hush: Presents, Vol. 1 features 28 tracks from 28 old, new, and future Hush Hush artists/friends each sharing their own take on the night bus sound. Focusing on feeling rather than constrictions of definition, night bus is an aesthetic, an encounter, a collapse. Astral Plane favorites Chants, Cock & Swan, and tinyforest give instance to this divergence of process with their additions as well as newcomers Yakamoto Kotzuga and Keenya‘s tracks “After Midnight” and “Lost in Corners”.

With the recent release of Redbull Music Academy graduee Kid Smpl’s Silo Tear EP (sounds like driving down a highway in the dark and seeing streetlight after streetlight ghost by you) and the teaser-like nature of Vol. 1, it is easy to imagine that the cement laid by Hush Hush founder, Alex Ruder, has begun to set. Name-your-price download of Hush Hush: Presents, Vol 1. is available on bandcamp here.

CHANTS ARTChants gives me goosebumps.

Jordan Cohen, better known to the world as
Chants, has been making everything from lullabies (“Way Awake“) to topshelf makeout (“I Feel Like I Feel It”) music out of sleepy Madison, WI for the last five years. After getting a few EPs and remixes under his belt, Jordan offered last November’s I Feel Like I Feel It through Seattle’s Hush Hush Records. The album defined his sound as warm and lovely and catchy and somehow perfect in any weather. Favoring drums and doing everything himself, Jordan didn’t leave anyone much choice, but to look at him and the music that he is creating. We were lucky enough to get Jordan to send us over a mix and answer a few questions about who he is/what he does/how he does what he does. Stream Chants’ Mix For The Astral Plane below and get to know the sweet man/find a tracklist after the jump.