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jerome lol

If you weren’t already tingling at the prospect of Anticon’s remastered re-release of D33J’s Tide Songs, then this will surely get your toes curling. Jerome “LOL” Potter is back once again to add his wholly organic melancholy to D33J’s “Park” and he performs his duties with aplomb, measuring out equal doses of comfortable pop pastiche and forward-thinking melodic structure. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of this crews cross-pollinating ways. Stream below and via the above link.


Like the remix itself, the accompanying video for D33J’s take on Drake’s “Started From The Bottom” is beautifully obfuscated behind some tropical plants (sounds), a technicolor filter and plenty of melting reverb. It’s like watching the remix forumulate within the recent Anticon-signee’s own mind through some sort of drug-induced creative process. The storyboard of the mind is really something. Stream/watch below and download here.

French Montana has a new Mike Will Made It produced single out called “Marble Floors” wherein a few famous rappers fanute about fucking your bitch over some garish snare rolls. In the midst of 2 Chainz’ song ending verse, he lays down this double (triple? quadruple?) take worthy bit of brilliance:

2 Chainz, that’s your best answer

Cup filled with pink, I’m supporting breast cancer

I might do that walk for the 5k

I get paid every time I leave my driveway

Now regardless of your opinion on Tity Boi, that is some high concept shit right there. It’s purp and lean music for the sensitive man/lady. Grippin’ grain and switchin’ lanes with a greater societal purpose.  Sort of like D33J and the whole night bus sound. Sort of. Lean music on a deeper level, replete with soppy, late night love stories and brief, hyper-sexual encounters. Now, D33J’s remix of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” is about as far away from “Marble Floors” vibe-wise as you can get. It’s that late-night underwater feel that D33J and his Wedidit compatriots are so good at evoking, bringing the wettest, darkest vibes out of flat pop songs. D33J said this stream is only going to be up for a little while so give us a shout in the comments if it suddenly disappears. Download here.

A few weeks ago, I predicted that D33J would become the next star to emerge from the Wedidit Collective. A string of impressive remixes incited me to make that comment and his latest appearance at Boiler Room Los Angeles proves that the man born Djavan Santos has the chops to do very big things. Toting an MPD32 and a guitar, D33J’s live set is a thing of beauty, combining constant melody with strong drum programming. If you’re in a rush, skip to 12 minutes in for a brilliant reverb filled romp around and just try not to beam bright. I don’t recommend missing a single second though as there are a few exclusives from the recent Anticon signee. Stream the mix below and look out for a podcast download in the coming days.

If you even remotely follow North American beat/club music (and I use those terms in the broadest sense), you’ve probably noticed a steady stream of artists from the Wedidit Collective blowing like volcanoes over the past year. First, Shlohmo grabbed the Pitchforkians hearts via Bad Vibes, then RL Grime and Salva took over frat row in the aftermath of “Mercy”. Most recently, Ryan Hemsworth and Groundislava have garnered affection from across the blogoverse. If I had to guess who was next up in line, it would have to be recent LA transplant Djavan Santos aka D33J. Recently signed to Anticon, D33J has been on fire in the remix game recently, taking on everyone from Astral Plane favorite Kid Smpl to Sigur Ros. His latest rework exploit comes in the form of Brandy’s “Vacant Feelings”, and only  reinforces Santos as one of the most emotionally exploitative producers in the game right now. Stream below and download here.

To celebrate his recent signing to Anticon, the decade plus old Los Angeles bastion of not giving a fuck, Wedidit Collective member D33J has let loose a short remix package. And yeah there’s another Drake remix. Get over it. The pitched up vocals on D33J’s rework of “Good Ones Go” are actually pretty damn obnoxious, but the molasses drenched percussion and warped background vocals are too infectious to pass up. Maybe an instrumental version will surface at some point. Stream and download “Good Ones Go” below and grab the full package here.

I would tell an April Fools joke here, but I’m just not that funny. Instead, we got a nice six pack of tunes  for what might amount to be the most versatile Sounds From The Astral Plane yet. Don’t have much time for words today, but all these are well worth a listen. That Supreme Cuts joint has been on repeat all week.

Stream/Download: Spank Rock feat. Santigold – “Car Song” (Shabazz Palaces Remix)

Stream: Insightful – “Bagel Mold”

Stream: Thundercat – “Daylight” (Ras G ASP Edit)

Stream/Download: Sigur Ros – “Ekki Mukk” (D33J Remix)

Download: Supreme Cuts – “Lessons In Darkness (Apology)” (Via XLR8R)

Stream/Download: Cities Aviv – “Normal Immortal”