D33J’s Love Story

French Montana has a new Mike Will Made It produced single out called “Marble Floors” wherein a few famous rappers fanute about fucking your bitch over some garish snare rolls. In the midst of 2 Chainz’ song ending verse, he lays down this double (triple? quadruple?) take worthy bit of brilliance:

2 Chainz, that’s your best answer

Cup filled with pink, I’m supporting breast cancer

I might do that walk for the 5k

I get paid every time I leave my driveway

Now regardless of your opinion on Tity Boi, that is some high concept shit right there. It’s purp and lean music for the sensitive man/lady. Grippin’ grain and switchin’ lanes with a greater societal purpose.  Sort of like D33J and the whole night bus sound. Sort of. Lean music on a deeper level, replete with soppy, late night love stories and brief, hyper-sexual encounters. Now, D33J’s remix of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” is about as far away from “Marble Floors” vibe-wise as you can get. It’s that late-night underwater feel that D33J and his Wedidit compatriots are so good at evoking, bringing the wettest, darkest vibes out of flat pop songs. D33J said this stream is only going to be up for a little while so give us a shout in the comments if it suddenly disappears. Download here.

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