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DJ Hulo isn’t exactly a huge name on the global club music circuit, partially because he’s located in Taipei, but mostly because his blends and mixes function almost entirely in their own lane, combining dancehall and grime with epic soundtrack work the likes of Hans Zimmer and Ryuichi Sakamoto, a quite literally cinematic approach to club dramatics. Edits of Wiley, Shabba Ranks and Gage/Sudanim have become set opening staples for us since first coming across Jamdown 2 last year and the mix series quickly became one of our favorites, full of the sweeping emotional range of Oscar-type movies, ebullient nature of Jamaican music and the syncopated thrust of contemporary UK dance forms. We’re proud to host Jamdown 3 as DJ Hulo’s contribution to the Astral Plane mix series and we spoke to the artist to get an idea of what he’s currently working on, the background for the series and an idea of his favorite composers. He says it far better than we ever could so press play on Jamdown 3 and scroll down to get some insight into one of the most unique DJ-composers anywhere.

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