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Straight out the fucking dungeons of planet Night Slugs (from the Fade To Mind galaxy), London’s L-Vis 1990 and Portland’s Massacooramaan have conjoined to form Vissacoor, a joint venture that is certainly more man than machine. If you haven’t noticed, the Night Slugs and Fade To Mind camps have a penchant for collaboration and this Thursday will see Vissacoor come together in New York City for a special live performance alongside a stacked lineup that includes Rinse.FM founder DJ Slimzee, Total Freedom, J-Cush and many more. “Spectral Evidence” is the first track from the duo and is currently up for free download. It’s a dense, dark affair so prepare yourself before listening. Stream/download below and check out the show flyer after the jump.


“Forthcoming on Fade To Mind” has become one of my favorite phrases in recent years as Kingdom’s label has transitioned from Night Slugs’ little brother to an idiosyncratic conveyor of all good things in American dance music. When that phrase is paired with “new Nguzunguzu“, the proverbial gasket is blown. On November 5, the duo of Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda (who just released the massive XTREME TREMBLE EP through Fade To Mind) will release the seven song Skycell EP (check out Kingdom’s cover art after the jump), the duo’s second on the label. “Mecha” is our first hint at the EP, a growling, mechanical grime track that is as delusional pretty as it is powerful. The sound will be familiar if you’ve seen Daniel and Asma play out recently (us Angelenos are spoiled) and the remaining six Skycell tracks cannot reach our ears fast enough.

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future brown

The latest supergroup to emerge from the American dance avant-garde, Future Brown sees Daniel and Asma of Nguzunguzu, Fatima Al Qadiri and J-Cush focusing their vast collective skill sets on one extraordinary project. The first track to emerge from the crew, “Wanna Party”, features Chicago MC Tink at peak performance, as well as additional production work from MikeQ. Despite the large number of people involved with “Wanna Party”, Al Qadiri’s sonic aesthetic appears at the forefront, all foreboding keys and sparse, grime indebted percussion. It’s an exciting premise to imagine exactly how Nguzunguzu’s hip hop/club sensibilities and J-Cush’s footwork past will play into forthcoming Future Brown releases.


Next month, Kingdom will release the seven track Vertical XL EP on Fade To Mind, an EP that should further entrench him as one of the most innovative American club music producers. At this point, there isn’t much I can elucidate about the Brooklyn-resident expect for the fact that his latest track, “Corpse” is another huge one. Similar in sound to his remix of Fatima Al Qadiri’s “Corpcore”, “Corpse” is industrial and forboding, but retains the fun dance sound of Kingdom’s earlier ballroom material. Stream below and pre-order Vertical XL here.

bok bok fade to mind

In anticipation of a slew of exciting upcoming shows, Night Slugs co-boss Bok Bok has, well, gone the fuck in on the third edition of the Fade To Mind mix series. It’s an all exclusives everything affair here and if brand new Jam City, L-Vis 1990 and MikeQ is your kind of bidness, jump on this mix immediately. Almost more exciting than Bok Bok’s transcendent mixing and the heap of exclusives is a  more coherent taste of Kowton’s remix of Jeremih’s still simmering “Fuck U All The Time”. The remix entered our collective consciousness through a few shoddy live videos, but Bok Bok has offered it up in all of its rude boy glory. Because really, Kowton has no business remixing this track. But he does. And it’s so beyond everything else coming out right now that it might just be the most anticipated track of the yung year. Stream and download below.


Yesterday, Fade To Mind boss Kingdom announced plans to release a compilation of unreleased dubs and remixes called VIP EDITION. The tape will be released on 12/12/12, but you can stream two cuts from it below, including a Ciara remix and a redo of “Fukin Jaker”, a track he briefly posted back in July. While short, both “Goodies” and “Fukin Jaker” offer insight into Kingdom’s influences and raw creative process, the former drawing from the lo-fi end of R&B and the latter borrowing heavily from New York’s vogue house stylings. Both songs cut off rather abruptly so expect to hear full versions come the 12th. Stream below.

From the opening salvo of “Night Slugs in this mothafucka, Fade To Mind’s in this mothafucka”, the listener pretty much knows what they’re getting into with L-Vis 1990’s NSMIX002: 70 minutes of the eclectic, mind melting jams from the foremost purveyors of club music. The mix was recorded at Dubspot NYC and features several unreleased L-Vis originals and remixes as well as an unreleased Bok Bok/Tom Trago collaboration and Girl Unit’s “Double Take Pt. 2”. L-Vis keeps it in the Night Slugs/Fade To Mind family for the most part, rinsing tunes by KW Griff, MikeQ, Jam City and more. Stream and download the mix below and peep the tracklist after the jump.

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Fatima Al Qadiri is quite possibly the most unlikely member of the growing American club sound. Al Qadiri grew up in Kuwait amidst the Gulf War and was inextricably effected by the violence and despair . Over the past 12 years, she has lived in eight different cities, but her childhood in Kuwait has stuck in her personal life and in her music. In a few weeks (October 23), Al Qadiri’s Desert Strike EP will be released on Kingdom’s Fade To Mind imprint. If you’re not familiar, Fade To Mind is one of the foremost purveyors of American club sounds, from MikeQ’s ballroom house to Nguzunguzu’s shapeless bass creations. Musically, Al Qadiri fits in the Fade To Mind mold as she has dabbled in recent en vogue club sounds like Juke, Hip Hop and even 90’s style Gregorian trance. Like most of her other work, the EP’s overriding theme is her childhood, right down to the EP and track names. Stream “Ghost Raid” now and be sure to check out Al Qadiri’s Global Wav blog.